Welcome to Olo Diocese 

The Province of Sudan and South Sudan

The Diocese of Olo was originally part of the Diocese of Maridi and was marked as such in 2009. Following the necessary processes the new diocese was formally inaugurated on 15th January 2015. One of its first acts of the new Diocesan Synod was to elect its first Bishop.


The Rt Reverend Tandema Obed Andrew was consecrated and enthroned as Diocesan Bishop on 29th March, 2015. 

The Diocese of Olo is adjacent to Maridi, Mundri, Yei and Yeri. The diocesan centre is 27 miles from Maridi Town in the east. Maridi Diocese is in the West and the Diocese of Mundri is in the East, Yei Diocese is in the south-east and Yeri Diocese is in the North-East. 


The Diocese occupies an area of approx. 4500 square miles, being about 125 miles E/W by 36 miles N/S 


The Diocese is in Western Equatoria, New Maridi State in South Sudan.

Two major roads pass through the Diocese of Olo. The main road goes to Juba, capital city of South Sudan, the other main road goes to Yei and passes to Uganda.